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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash Credit: Jon Tyson

Streaming services are facing growing pressure from music rightsholders to crack down on streaming manipulation and other fraudulent schemes. But there are plenty of other parts of the music ecosystem that can play a role tackling scams.

US performing rights organisations ASCAP and BMI announced a joint task force yesterday focused on fraud. Well, on “suspicious registrations associated with musical works across the collective management ecosystem” to be specific.

The task force will include a team of copyright, technical, distribution, legal, business, and product experts from the two organisations, although they also plan to work with their peers around the world to share information and best practices.

“Fraud is a complex global challenge that all collective management organisations and DSPs must confront with increasing frequency,” said ASCAP boss Elizabeth Matthews.

“Bad actors don’t just limit themselves to one company, or one territory, and the more we can collaborate on this issue, the better it is for everyone involved,” added BMI chief Mike O’Neill.

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