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Claims that London’s Metropolitan Police may be racially profiling musicians, leading to cancellations of concerts that disproportionately affect Black artists, are sparking anger in the UK.

The Musicians’ Union (MU) and Black Lives in Music (BLIM) have written to the Mayor of London to express their concerns.

This follows a recent report claiming that venues have been warned that events involving (in one club owner’s words) a music genre “that is preferred by people of colour” are ‘high-risk’ and could lead to a review of their licence if anything goes wrong.

The MU and BLIM want talks with the Mayor and the Met Police over this, and an alternative, more transparent system.

“Live music should not be used as a device for the police to criminalise the Black community,” said BLIM’s Roger Wilson, adding that the current system is “placing a muzzle on the mouths of Black artists” trying to play live.

“We are concerned that race and genre are being conflated in order to discriminate against musicians who already face significant barriers in their musical careers,” added the MU’s Naomi Pohl.

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