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Beelzebub has a headset for a sideboard! (Don’t write in, we know, we know…)

Queen are the latest music artist to get their own branded pack in virtual-reality game Beat Saber. Launched this week, the pack includes 11 of the band’s biggest hits, along with a new custom-built environment for players to swish their imaginary sabers in.

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The pack costs $13.99 to download from Beat Saber’s in-game store on Meta’s Quest headsets. The game is owned by Meta, which acquired its developer in 2019, but that doesn’t mean it’s being restricted to the company’s own headsets.

Yesterday it was announced that Beat Saber is coming out immediately for Sony’s new PlayStation VR2 headset, with the Queen pack also available for that version.

Sony also revealed this week that it has sold around 600k VR2 headsets, which work with the PlayStation 5 console, in its first six weeks of availability.

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