There was talk of a ‘TikTokification of Spotify’ earlier this year, but perhaps we should be thinking about a TikTokification of music-streaming recommendations more generally.

YouTube Music is the latest streaming service to decide it wants a splash more ‘For You’ in its app, according to news site 9 to 5 Google. It reports on a new ‘Samples’ tab test that’s been spotted by some YouTube Music users, with a vertically-scrolling feed of music video clips.

“We’re always experimenting with new ways for people to discover music in the YouTube Music app. We’ll consider rolling features out more broadly based on feedback on these experiments,” said YouTube’s spokesperson, with the familiar line when these kinds of tests are spotted and reported on.

If this one does roll out, it will give YouTube an equivalent of Spotify’s recently-reworked recommendations feed – albeit seemingly as a tab within YouTube Music rather than a full replacement for its existing homepage, which was Spotify’s move.

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Stuart Dredge

Music Ally's Head of Insight