Tidal Artist Home

Tidal has launched its latest set of tools for artists, grouped in a new hub called ‘Artist Home‘.

Its features include managing profiles, updating social-media links and getting “early access” to Tidal’s other tools and services for artists. They’ll also be able to give managers, labels, publicists and bandmates access to the hub.

The launch came as Tidal CEO Jesse Dorogusker outlined the streaming service’s long-term strategy… which as it turns out, is about becoming more than just a streaming service.

“The positioning in years to come will be in the artist ecosystem. And streaming will be one part of that,” he told MBW.

“I think it’s really valuable and important for artists, but isn’t all by itself a product of business and a distribution channel for artists. It’s a relatively small part of their life. And since artists are our primary customer, Tidal eventually needs to be aligned with what that is. So we will be an artist platform with music streaming assets.”

The company is far from alone in this goal, though. SoundCloud is its most direct competitor in this strategy, but Amazon’s music boss Steve Boom has also talked about the concept of ‘streaming 2.0’ as “not just being a catalog of recorded music, but being a host of services that connect artists and fans together”. 

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