Coldplay Music Of The Spheres tour
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Coldplay were talking earlier this week about the environmental sustainability success of their current tour.

However, the boss of UK charity the Music Venue Trust wants to talk to them about another kind of sustainability: for the grassroots venues that the band played in the early days of their career.

In an open letter published on IQ, Mark Davyd called on the band to join the charity’s campaign to redistribute a small portion of ticket revenues for the biggest music concerts to smaller venues.

“If £1 of every ticket sold to see your triumphant, career defining, shows at Etihad had gone into a fund to support grassroots music venues and artists, just imagine what it could have been used to achieve,” wrote Davyd, by way of illustration rather than criticism of the band specifically.

“Just four shows by you resulting in the £10,000 of tour support money needed to enable 24 new and breaking artists to get out on tour. 16 venues spending £15,000 to install solar energy and reduce their bills to zero. 48 venues improving their access with a £5,000 investment so that their spaces are open to all.”

He’s hoping the band (and their stadium-playing peers) will be open to this kind of £1 levy for future tours.

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