spotify your offline mix

The latest information on a secret Spotify feature that’s being tested out comes from a Twitter leaks account called *checks notes* Daniel Ek.

Oh wait, THAT Daniel Ek.

So yes, news that Spotify is testing a feature called ‘Your Offline Mix’ can be considered pretty official. Ek described it as “a playlist designed for those times when you might not be online”, appending a plane emoji to illustrate one key use case.

Of course, Spotify users have been able to download playlists for offline listening since the earliest days of the service, so the key to ‘Your Offline Mix’ is the fact that it’s automatic, providing “a mix of your recently played songs” without the listener having to remember to download it.

For once, Spotify is playing catch-up to a rival here: YouTube Music launched its ‘smart downloads’ feature in 2019, automatically downloading up to 500 tracks of listeners’ favourite music and keeping it updated when connected to Wi-Fi.

As a side-note, Ek’s feature reveal is part of Spotify’s CEO stepping up his activity on Twitter – see also this slickly-produced video of him explaining his @eldsjal username.

A play to become an Elon Musk-style CEO-influencer? We just hope he gives edgelord memes a swerve.

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