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If you stream on Twitch, the standard deal is that you get 50% of the revenues from paid subscriptions to your channel. Some of its bigger stars used to get 70%, and there have been calls from its creator community to make that split the standard.

That’s not happening, but it is the rev-share for a new ‘Partner Plus’ program offered by Amazon’s livesteraming service. It’s open to anyone who maintains more than 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three months in a row.

Once accepted into the program, they’ll earn 70% of subscriptions to their channel for the next year, up to $100k. Over that threshold, the rev-share will remain 50-50.

The new program launches on 1 October, which means that July, August and September will be the key months for Twitch streamers to have more than 350 subs if they want to get in on day one.

It could be interesting for musicians who’ve built up their paying audience on Twitch – and encouragement for those who haven’t yet to continue growing their paid viewers.

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