Given Music Ally’s history of covering AI music, our ears always prick up when we see startups raising significant rounds of funding – especially if we haven’t covered them before.

WAVs AI is certainly… interesting. A press release announced its $20m funding round from Toronto-based VC firm Regal Investments, describing the startup as “making compromises with record labels and artists in the AI music revolution” with a service to “provide users with personalized creations of music, curated playlists, and a seamless discovery process”.

When we visited to poke around, it turns out to be a Spotify/iTunes-style front-end for tracks by some familiar-sounding artists. Draik, WKND, Ariana Granday, Freddie Mercurai, Notorious BIG-AI, Rihannai, Ed Shairan, Tailor Swift, Eminaim, Paul McCairtney, Kendrick Lamair, Bad Bunnai… you get the picture.

Essentially it’s a directory of deepfake music, including the famous ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ fake Drake and The Weeknd track.

The WAVs AI homepage also claims that it is “the world’s leading AI music provider. We work with clients like Instagram, Apple Music, Google, Shazam, Amazon Music, and many more”.

Count us fascinated to understand the nature of those deals; how the company plans to use its $20m funding; and what music rightsholders will make of it all.

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