Twitch Hype Chat

Twitch has announced a new way for its streamers to make money. It’s called ‘Hype Chat’ and involves viewers paying to pin their messages at the top of the chat window during streams.

They’ll be able to pay between $1 and $500 for this privilege, with streamers able to set a minimum of up to $100.

“The duration, character count, and visual design of the pin will depend on how much a viewer spends,” explained Twitch. “Higher value Hype Chats will stay at the top of chat longer, have longer allowed character counts, and have more standout designs.”

For now the new feature is only available to streamers who’ve attained ‘Partner’ status on Twitch. One important point: the revenue split for Hype Chat is 70% to streamers and 30% to Twitch – an improvement on the much-discussed 50/50 split for other monetisation features on the service.

Twitch is clearly aware that Hype Chat could be abused, so it has announced safety features for it: banned words; ‘AutoMod’ scanning before messages can be posted; and the ability for streamers and their moderators to unpin any messages they deem “harmful or unwelcomed”.

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