Deepfaked tracks are a big concern for the music industry, but Reservoir Music CEO Golnar Khosrowshahi has been writing about the positive potential of AI technologies – copyright protection included.

“Used correctly, AI can actually help us preserve and protect copyright — versus the present fear of usurping it,” she wrote in a guest column for Variety.

“Through audio fingerprinting, AI tools that verify authorship in real time will help reduce the unnecessary litigation that can be based on subjective interpretations or human error.”

She also highlighted AI’s potential to better “classify and catalog music” and thus help rightsholders to “be more efficient at micro licensing”.

Khosrowshahi cited the two-year process of clearing samples for De La Soul’s back catalogue’s streaming debut as an example.

“It is not hard to conceive how that process might be better and faster with an AI-driven tool that could catalog and organize the music and information…”

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