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ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E 2 and other generative AI tools have been making lots of headlines this year, but how many people are actually using them?

Deloitte has been doing some research in the UK to find out. Its survey of 4,150 adults found that 52% have heard of generative AI and 26% have used it. However, only 8% of respondents said they have used these tools for work.

The headline of Deloitte’s press release (and a number of the articles covering it) is more positive, focusing on the fact that 8% means “more than four million people” in the UK.

The data does suggest that it is still very early days for these technologies however: of the 26% of people who’ve tried a generative AI tool, 30% only used it once or twice; 28% use it weekly; and 9% use one of these tools at least once a day.

Deloitte sees it very much as a glass-half-full thing however.

“Within just a few months of the launch of the most popular Generative AI tools, one in four people in the UK have already tried out the technology,” said partner and head of TMT research Paul Lee.

“As a comparison, it took five years for voice-assisted speakers to achieve the same adoption levels.”

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