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StreamElements and Rainmaker·gg are two of the companies firmly embedded in the world of livestreaming video and gaming. One of the ways they cement that position is to publish regular stats report on the market.

Their latest ‘State of the Stream’ study focuses on Twitch, noting that the platform’s daily viewing is growing slowly. Daily hours watched are up from just over 55m in March to 56.9m in June. Well, we did say slowly.

This is good news for Twitch, though, as some of the platform’s recent missteps with its creator community have sparked predictions that its viewing is falling. Not yet, judging by this report.

Also interesting are some figures for the fat head (not an insult!) of that creator community: the most popular streamers.

“In June, the top 10,000 streamers represented 76% of the hours watched while only making up .5% of the 2 billion streamers on the platform,” found the report.

“If you dial it down to the top 1000, they represented 46% of the hours watched with the top 100 responsible for 20%. No matter how you slice it, those in the top 1% and less are attracting a lot of the eyeballs.”

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