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AIMS API is the latest startup tapping prompt engineering in a musical context.

Having started with AI music search and tagging features, its new ‘Prompt Search’ tool will help people to find music within catalogues by typing in natural language prompts, rather than just keywords and tags.

“Unlike other attempts at this type of music search, ours genuinely works,” said CEO Martin Nedved.

“Traditional keyword searches will always have limitations placed upon them by the humans who initially tag the music. Prompt Search removes those limitations and makes searching much more enjoyable and accurate.”

Sync and production music is a key target for this kind of tool, which will be offered to clients alongside AIMS API’s existing services.

This is a wider trend: recently another startup, Cyanite, launched its own ‘complex text input’ feature for natural-language searches of catalogues for example.

Outside search, prompt-based interfaces are also becoming a common sight in the field of AI-assisted music creation. Mubert and Splash have both launched these tools, while this week Engadget reported on another addition to the latter list: TextToSample.

Meta’s MusicGen and Google’s MusicLM also use prompts as their interface.

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