I Stand In The Library

It’s not often that we write about a new piece of sheet music being sold by a famous publisher. However, ‘I Stand In The Library’ is noteworthy given the current industry debates about creative AI.

It’s a 16-minute choral piece for mixed voices and piano that was composed by Ed Newton-Rex.

Yes, that Ed Newton-Rex, co-founder of one of the first AI music startups Jukedeck, and now VP of audio at Stability AI – although he has always been a composer alongside his work in AI music.

For his new piece he used an early version of OpenAI’s text-generation system GPT-3 – the forerunner to ChatGPR – to write a poem about music and solitude.

“I had to do some curating of the text: that involved asking it to rewrite lines on around 10 occasions,” he told Music Ally. “Apart from that, it was entirely generated by the AI.”

The piece was premiered on 12 August in a performance by the VOCES8 Foundation choir and orchestra, and the sheet music is available from the Boosey & Hawkes website.

“Interestingly, they are registering it as an instrumental, because there’s no mechanism to register a combined work with PRS when part of it was generated by AI,” said Newton-Rex.

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