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We know British startup Endlesss for its music-making application and the community it has built around that. Now the company is trying something new, if related: Clubs.

“Chat-based community spaces like Discord with features tailored to musicians,” is the pitch, with those features including collaboration, file-sharing and publishing tools.

It’s timely: Discord has been growing in popularity as a way for musicians to gather their keenest fans, but it’s a platform that can feel very noisy, especially if fans are on multiple servers for music, games and other topics.

There certainly seems to be an opportunity for a music-focused alternative, although with superfan platforms springing up left, right and centre in recent times, there’s plenty of competition to fill that gap.

Endlesss isn’t ditching its origins in music creation: that’ll be a key part of its Clubs, and its apps remain available. Clubs isn’t live yet though: its closed beta will start late this year, with a public rollout planned for early 2024.

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