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“Enjoyment when listening to streaming music is not as high as it may seem, and is certainly in need of improvement.”

Who’s saying that? Two researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Israel: Ofer Bergman and Noa Gradovitch. They have published a study titled ‘Collecting streaming music increases listening enjoyment’ which may make interesting reading for DSPs and the music industry alike.

40 participants with small collections of saved/liked music were asked to rate their enjoyment in three conditions: ‘baseline’ (no change); ‘experimental’ (asked to collect and listen to more music); and ‘platform’ (asked to listen to the songs suggested by their streaming service’s recommendation algorithms).

The conclusions?

“Results regarding the experimental condition indicate that enlarging the collection is much more pleasurable than it is difficult, and more importantly, that listening to this collection significantly and substantially increases listening enjoyment,” wrote Bergman and Gradovitch.

“Results of the platform condition indicate unexpectedly low and unstable listening enjoyment, with half of the participants complaining about their negative experience. These results indicate that streaming song collections should be encouraged.”

They also suggested some design changes that could do this. You can read the full study via a link on Bergman’s university profile page: click on ‘Publications’ and it’s the top link in the ‘Journals’ section.

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