“Anyone can use and monetize AI vocals of famous singers at will and for free if they are marked as ‘unofficial'”

Sorry, what?

“Enjoy, buy & sell new hit songs with AI vocals of Ariana Grande / Kanye West / Michael Jackson.”

Wait, excuse me?

“2 charity songs for peace in Ukraine with AI vocals by the revived Beatles and Pop Allstars.”

Er… Yes, it’s fair to say that the website of startup Musixy is an absolute feast of red flags for music rightsholders and artists’ representatives.

There are also “unofficial AI chatbots of your stars” including Selena Gomez, Bob Marley and Tina Turner, and a marketplace selling deepfake tracks including Michael Jackson singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (€538) and Kanye West singing Adele’s ‘Hello’ (€702).

Oh, and a deepfaked Donald Trump singing a song called ‘I’m the GOAT’ – the less said about which the better.

Musixy’s CEO, who provided that first ‘anyone can use and monetize’ quote above, is described as a “former lawyer”. He can probably expect a few curious emails from current members of that profession in the music industry in the near future.

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