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AI-powered mastering is now a well-established part of the music production landscape, with a number of companies offering it.

However, one of those companies, Masterchannel, is stepping up a notch with its latest service. It’s called SpatialAI, and as you may have guessed, deploys AI tech to automate spatial audio music mastering.

The pitch here is that its system can output music that will “sound professional in any environment: on wireless earbuds, spatial headphones, a spatial cinema’s speaker system, or on a regular stereo system”.

But clearly this is also about making spatial audio more accessible to artists and labels who have baulked at the costs involved in spatial mixes thus far – even as streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music threw their weight behind spatial.

“There’s a growing urgency for artists to deliver tracks in spatial audio, with the format being prioritized for streaming playlists. However, until now it has been an elite technology,” as Masterchannel’s CTO Simon Hestermann put it.

“Now DIY artists have the opportunity to compete with major signed artists for listener attention.”

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