Look what you made me Goo-gle. And if you’re groaning at that have some sympathy: Google already nabbed the ‘Blank Space’ joke for its announcement of a search partnership with Taylor Swift.

It’s all in aid of promoting her new remake-album ’1989 (Taylor’s Version)’. Fans searching for the artist’s name on Google can click on a blue vault to be presented with one of 89 word puzzles. The idea is that the fan community collectively solves them more than 33m times to unlock song titles for the ‘vault’ tracks on the album.

In other Taylor Swift news, there was an amusing interaction on the platform formerly known as Twitter yesterday. A tweet from Swift promoting the word-puzzles promo sparked a reply from Elon Musk himself offering some pearls of music-marketing wisdom to one of the most successful current music stars on earth. “I recommend posting some music or concert videos directly on the X platform,” wrote Musk.

Given that this is the platform currently facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from music publishers, and long-running criticism from recordings rightsholders over licensing and piracy too. It feels like an optimistic recommendation.

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