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Lots of adults play Fortnite, but so do lots of children. That presents something of a headache for people building experiences for the game’s Creative Mode – labels and music artists included – if they want to include content that’s only suitable for adults.

Fortnite’s publisher Epic Games has a painkiller for that headache. It’s introducing age ratings for all of the islands built for the mode from 14 November.

They’ll be mandatory, with developers filling out a questionnaire based on the International Age Rating Coalition system – something that’s already used for game stores from the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, as well as Google and Epic Games’s D2C store.

This is good news for music companies building Fortnite islands, since it reduces the worries around creating content for artists that isn’t really suitable for children.

Roblox, a platform even more associated with younger gamers (although it’s been stressing recently that its demographics are ageing up) added its own age ratings a couple of years ago, and introduced a 17+ category this year to cover more mature content.

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