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Earlier this year, US labels body the RIAA asked Discord to shut down a popular server called ‘AI Hub’ on copyright grounds.

Reports at the time suggested that the server, which had more than 142,000 members, had been one of the places people were sharing voice clones of famous musicians, which could then be used to create deepfake tracks.

Now AI Hub has been taken down, according to TorrentFreak, although its news story explained that it is still unclear whether the RIAA was the direct cause.

A new server has already popped up using the same invitation link (the smart-links used to sign up for Discord servers).

Its moderator has claimed that “AI Hub was banned because of copyright, apparently someone did the trick of editing posts and added several links with copyrighted content, which left Discord with no option but to DMCA the server”.

This claim has yet to be confirmed. A victory for music rightsholders? A temporary one, most likely.

As is the way of these things, one (or indeed, many) new Discord servers are likely to emerge from the ashes of AI Hub, so the RIAA and other industry bodies’ takedown teams will still have plenty of work in the coming months.

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