Reels AB testing

Meta has announced its latest new features for creators of Reels short videos on its Facebook service, and they all seem like they could be useful for artists.

The first is an A/B testing tool for captions and thumbnails. You’ll be able to test up to four, which will be shown to different subsets of your audience. The ‘winning’ variant will then be shown in Facebook’s professional dashboard, and used for the post.

Second, Facebook is dangling a very juicy carrot in order to get creators using its ‘Achievements’ hub within the dashboard. That’s the part that awards badges and progression levels for using Facebook features and growing your presence.

The change: “Creators who are 18+ that finish all Progression levels can become eligible to get increased visibility in Feed or have the Rising Creator label featured on their page or profile – both of which may help you get discovered more easily.”

Finally, Facebook is adding more analytics to its ‘Insights’ tool, including upping the period covered to the last 90 days, rather than just 28 as was previously the case. You can find the full rundown on the new features in Meta’s blog post.

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