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Trendspotting firm Trapital has published its second annual report, with some sharp insights into current industry dynamics – particularly for hip-hop and R&B.

That includes a section on the “premiumisation” of live entertainment, exploring how touring has become ever more expensive, while “the most popular live acts have elevated their production value” to serve an ageing live-music audience with more disposable income.

Trapital also examines the challenges. “Hip-hop and R&B are the most popular genres of music on streaming and social media, but pop and rock still have higher demand in live music,” notes the report. Why? Partly age.

“Hip-hop and R&B are younger genres with younger fanbases. Rappers didn’t consistently tour on a global arena level until the 2000s,” it notes.

But historical and racial bias is also a factor, with concert promoters having been hesitant to promote rap due to “safety concerns” in the past. “These setbacks had compounding effects. It takes several tours to develop global fanbases.”

The report also breaks down ‘who can sell out a tour at each level’ tiers, from stadiums to clubs, among other topics.

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