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YouTube has announced some new rules for AI-generated content on its platform, as well as its plans to allow music partners to request removals of deepfake content.

“The ability for our music partners to request the removal of AI-generated music content that mimics an artist’s unique singing or rapping voice,” as the company described this in a blog post.

“In determining whether to grant a removal request, we’ll consider factors such as whether content is the subject of news reporting, analysis or critique of the synthetic vocals.”

For now, the option to request such removals is only available to “labels or distributors who represent artists participating in YouTube’s early AI music experiments”, but it will be opened out in the coming months to more companies.

Alongside this, YouTube will soon require creators to disclose if their videos include “altered or synthetic content that is realistic, including using AI tools”.

There will be punishments, from video takedowns to suspension from YouTube’s partner program, for those who do not.

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