We Are Giant

“At last, a home for your fans, owned by you,” is the slogan that greets visitors to startup We Are Giant’s website. Although ‘at last’ may be pushing it a bit, given the steady stream of similar platforms that have launched in recent years.

Still, this is an interesting one, backed by nearly $8m of investment from Sterling Partners. We Are Giant is working with more than 50 artists at launch, building communities where the musicians can host listening parties, livestreams and chat rooms for their fans.

The company says that it is properly licensed for performance rights with those listening parties and livestreams, paying SoundExchange and collecting societies. It is also planning to launch tools to help artists sell vinyl and merch, as well as receiving tips and selling tickets for their livestreams.

We Are Giant has also hosted ‘fan-led community events’ for other artists, and has integrations with streaming services so that they can play music together in its chat rooms.

It certainly has potential, although as we said, it’s certainly not alone in trying to provide artists with this kind of platform.

Fave, Afterparty, Heyscribe, Passes, Unitea and Winamp’s ‘Fanzone’ are among the other superfan-focused community platforms we’ve written about in 2023 alone. The competition should at least ensure plenty of innovation.

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