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Music Ally has been covering the music industry’s fast-moving digital developments since 2002. Its research services focus on the intersection of music and tech, with subscribers including all three major labels as well as streaming services, publishers and managers, tech companies and universities.

The core service includes a daily news bulletin; a fortnightly Sandbox report on digital music marketing; and a monthly report providing in-depth analysis of industry trends, as well as profiles of major music markets. Music Ally also offers an archive of its past news and analysis, ensuring that scholars can find the right data and historical coverage for their research.

Applications For Research

  • Tracking rise and fall of music genres over time driven by adoption of
    new technologies.
  • What are the new data analytics tools, trends and digital marketing
  • What new startups are emerging in the digital space in the music
    industry? From blockchain and royalty management to digital playlisting
  • New marketing techniques, and the innovations as new market
    segments are opened.
  • What can we learn from successful marketing campaigns? What is
    their budget and in which channels is it spent?
  • What are the Majors planning, what are their priorities, what is on their
    radar? Live video, Spotify campaigns (eg. pre-save campaigns), data
    capture of fans and more.
  • Are Playlists replacing Albums? How do labels and artists deal with this?



  • What role will music play in AI and VR as it moves into video, avatars
    and more?
  • How is the music industry developing across the triad of the Americas,
    Asia and Europe? What are the similarities and differences?
  • Comparing longevity and successes of Albums and Artists identify the
    marketing techniques used.
  • Mapping cultural shifts in popular music driven by technology. What
    are the gender issues and how does technology drive the different fan
  • Mapping trends like original the rise of Hip Hop. Where do genres
    overlap, or fragment?
  • The changes in popularity of music in different countries. What are
    local trends?
  • Calculate how long it takes genres/artists to ‘move across the ocean’
    and become mainstream outside the US (and vice versa with K-Pop).


Our content drives research by professors, coursework modules and student dissertations, while also preparing students for employment in the music industry.

Any university student who is interested in a career in the music business should read Music Ally. A Music Ally report fits neatly between Music Week and the academic journal. As a resource, it allows you to balance current developments with (relatively recent) historical perspective. It dares to comment and predict, and is therefore refreshingly direct. It’s also an excellent read.

Nigel BP, Subject Leader, Commercial Music Bath Spa

Academic Advisory Board

  • Heather Reid, Dean Library and Learning resources, Berklee College of Music
  • Terry Tompkins, Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Music Business, Hofstra University
  • Storm Gloor, President MEIEA and Professor, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado
  • Steffen Geldner, Project Manager, Digital Innovation, Popakademie, Mannheim
  • Phil Nelson, Music Industry Ambassador, BIMM British and Irish Modern Music Initiative.
  • Jada Watson, Professor in music and the digital humanities, University of Ottawa

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