Music Ally TV. Episode 7. #BrokenRecord. How can change happen?

#BrokenRecord. How can change happen?

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This Friday’s Music Ally TV show builds on the conversation with the #brokenrecord campaign we had a few weeks ago, where we discussed what the problem was – and now we’re moving the conversation on to talk about how change can happen and whether licensing needs modernisation. It should be a provocative and controversial – don’t miss it…

Guests: in an exclusive pre-recorded interview, award-winning author and activist Cory Doctorow discusses his revolutionary plan for a blanket internet music license, which he created on behalf of the digital civil liberties organisation Electronic Frontier Foundation. Cory is highly critical of major labels and existing licensing structures, and so joining us live on the panel to help explore these ideas is licensing expert Becky Brook, who has forgotten more about licensing than the rest of us on the show know – and has strong opinions of her own.


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