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Country Profile – Sweden 2019

Streaming revenue in Sweden increased another 8% in 2018 to make up 90% of total music sales. The inevitable question is how long can the Swedish market – long an aspirational model to the global music industry –...

Country Profile – South Africa 2019

There is plenty of optimism surrounding the South African music industry as revenue growth returned in 2018 and numerous streaming services launched in a country just setting out on its digital music journey

Country Profile – France 2019

The “gilets jaunes” movement in France has had a significant negative impact on physical music sales, with protests peaking at the end of the year when those sales are typically at their strongest. This followed a 12-month...

Country Profile – Germany 2019

2018 results show a clear drop in previously strong physical sales, as well as the continuing collapse of downloads; but the overall market remained stable, redeemed by healthy audio streaming income

Country Profile – South Korea 2019

The inexorable rise of K-Pop has brought South Korea to international attention but it’s not the sole driver behind a strong physical and streaming market and a noteworthy leap in recorded music revenue

Country Profile – United Kingdom 2019

There are plenty of optimistic views about what lies ahead for the British music industry while at the same time an equal number of concerning issues and potential dangers that absolutely need to be addressed

Country Profile – China 2019

When China’s music business inevitably takes its place in the top fi ve global markets, how is the rest of the industry poised to profit from its impact? Some of the major digital players are already in the game…

Country Profile – Turkey 2019

Turkey may not be the fi rst market that springs to mind in the music business but it enjoyed the largest percentage increase in streaming revenue in all of Europe in 2017… and that’s demanding attention

Country Profile – France 2018

France: a market where Warner Music can sell 758,000 physical copies of Johnny Hallyday’s posthumous album Mon Pays C’est L’Amour in one week – making up a staggering 97.2% of its total week-one sales –...

Country Profile – Italy 2018

Things have been on the up in Italy after setting an unwanted revenues milestone in 2017 with growth in streaming income in 2018 beginning to bridge the country’s vast digital gap

Country Profile – Russia 2018

With Russians spending the least per capita on recorded music in Europe, the outlook in the country seems bleak. But domestic music is driving an ambition to see Russia become a Top 10 player in the world market

Country Profile – India 2018

With an eye on the global top 10 music market, India is intent on building a streaming market where consumers pay – and with a “staggering” growth rate in subscription services already, the country is right on course