country profile

Country Profile – France 2018

France: a market where Warner Music can sell 758,000 physical copies of Johnny Hallyday’s posthumous album Mon Pays C’est L’Amour in one week – making up a staggering 97.2% of its total week-one sales –...

Country Profile – Italy 2018

Things have been on the up in Italy after setting an unwanted revenues milestone in 2017 with growth in streaming income in 2018 beginning to bridge the country’s vast digital gap

Country Profile – Russia 2018

With Russians spending the least per capita on recorded music in Europe, the outlook in the country seems bleak. But domestic music is driving an ambition to see Russia become a Top 10 player in the world market

Country Profile – India 2018

With an eye on the global top 10 music market, India is intent on building a streaming market where consumers pay – and with a “staggering” growth rate in subscription services already, the country is right on course

Country Profile – Netherlands 2018

As in Scandinavia, the Netherlands was swift to warm to streaming and it has had a positive impact on local musical talent. Combined with the country’s strong digitial infrastructure, the industry outlook is a positive...

Country Profile – Spain 2018

After a “dark period” of decline from 2002–13, Spain’s music revenues have climbed over the last four years. But the question now is whether the market has started to plateau in the face of the usual obstacles

Country Profile – Nigeria 2018

With booming internet usage but a pitiful per-head spend on music, Nigeria is a hugely complicated market. Total spend on music is increasing yet streaming revenue is trivial and income still largely reliant on mobile

Country Profile – Mexico 2018

Mexico has transformed into one of the world’s most sophisticated digital music markets over the last five years, enjoying its fourth successive year of growth with streaming now the principle source of industry income

Country Profile – Philippines 2018

The Philippines is a digital contradiction – social media use is rife but that’s on the backbone of poor digital infrastructure while music-streaming usage is on a par with Sweden yet per-capita music income is low. But...

Country Profile – Chile 2018

Chile’s recorded music industry reported its fourth straight year of double-digit growth last year with the country’s high level of mobile-phone penetration playing a key role

Country Profile – Indonesia 2018

A diverse industry with plenty of potential, much of the Indonesian music market is fuelled by… Kentucky Fried Chicken!