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Country Profile – Israel 2018

It’s a dive into the unknown to examine a recorded muisc market that has neither sales charts nor official stats; for all that, Israel is embracing international streaming services and is “on a good path”, say insiders

Country Profile – Japan 2018

It’s the second largest music market on the planet but should the world be worried about Japan after a 3% fall in revenue and suggestions of a slowing in both streaming and digital growth?

Country Profile – Norway 2018

Norway is a booming market where a concerted effort is under way to keep its most promising artists within local hands. Total sales of recorded music in Norway were up 3.7% year-on-year in 2017, its third annual rise

Country Profile – USA 2018

Where is continued growth in the American marketplace likely to stem from? Many observers think there is still potential for a considerable rise in streaming subscriptions following an increase in 2017

Country Profile – Brazil 2018

2017 was an encouraging year for Brazil, with adoption of streaming on mobile becoming increasingly popular as telecom providers began to offer more flexible plans and better payment solutions

Country Profile – South Africa 2018

South Africa followed a 334.2% rise in music streaming revenue in 2016 with a 108% rise in 2017. But such hair-raising fi gures should be put in their proper context, given that the overall market fell in both years

Country Profile – Sweden 2018

In the first half of 2017 – almost a decade on from the Swedish music business’s 2008 nadir – total income from recorded music grew 2.8% year-on-year… but how long can subscription revenue keep growing?

Japan Special Report 2017

This report was presented at Tokyo Dance Music Event (TDME) in Japan at the beginning of December and has been prepared following various forays into – and interviews with major stakeholders inside – this fascinating...

Country Profile – Denmark 2017

It might be a curious reticence to blow their own trumpet, but the successes of the Danish music industry – where an 8.8% rise in recorded music revenue was posted last year – should be more widely heralded