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By:Larm 2014 Music Ally panels

February 27, 2014 - February 28, 2014

This year we’re delighted to be running a group of panels again at the by:Larm conference in Olso. The complete panel programme is below. There are links through to the online schedule. So if you’re a by:Larm attendee you can click the link at add the panel to your schedule.


Day one: Thursday 27th February

Morning session: “Good Day Sunshine” (in three parts).

Part 1) Presentation: Music Ally and Daniel Nordgård – “Being for the Benefit of Mr Ek”

Time: 11am (Session length: 15 – 20 mins)
Location: Sal D

The music business is growing again! Led by the Nordic region the turnaround is largely happening as a result of consumers shifting to access based music models. But is this good news for everyone? We’ll kick off with an overview of where we stand at the beginning of 2014 and where the local and international industry is heading this year. Then our featured presenter Daniel Nordgård will present a more detailed and localised overview including recent research into whether streaming is harmful to local artists; conducted in partnership with Musikernes Fellesorganisasjon (The Norwegian Musician’s Union) and work with the Department of Culture.


•Daniel Nordgård – Musikernes Fellesorganisasjon (Norwegian Musician’s Union / Nordgård-committee); Researcher at Agderforskning
•Karim Fanous – Music Ally

Part 2) Panel: “Norwegians would”

Time: 1120am (session length: 40 minutes)
Location: Sal D

What can the international industry learn from the Nordic market? The panel will cover general trends in music consumption and fan behaviour, rights holder release and marketing strategies, new technology and services in the music industry and more, as well as a look ahead to the near and distant future. We’ll ask what’s selling in the new business and what’s shrinking, and who is making money where, how and why?

The panel represents some of the leading local and international figures in today’s music industry.


• Daniel Nordgård – Musikernes Fellesorganisasjon (Norwegian Musician’s Union / Nordgård-committee); Researcher at Agderforskning
• Paul Sonkamble (Head of Innovation – Parlophone Label Group)
• Scott Cohen (co-founder of The Orchard and manager of The Raveonettes and Dum Dum Girls)

Moderator: Steve Mayall, Music Ally

––– BREAK –––

Part 3) Panel: “Everybody’s got something to hide, except for me and my artist”

Time: 1215 (Session length: 40 mins)
Location: Sal D

Whereas major and independent labels are more and more optimistic about streaming there are still strongly polarised views among artists. Thom Yorke infamously referred to Spotify as “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse” last year. Producer Nigel Godrich has been an outspoken critic too. Other established artists admit income is currently low but see streaming as carrying them into the future and there is a whole new generation of artists who are growing up with streaming as the norm. So, how do artists and managers really feel about streaming. Has it changed the industry for good? Has it irreversibly reimagined our interaction with music?  In this session we bring together a rich cross-section of artists and managers to give you their views.

• Eivind Brydøy (Founder of Vox Artist, manager of Kaizer Orchestra, Janove Ottesen, Frida Amundsen and Thea & The Wild)
• Sassybeat (Anna Melkild & Ingrid Rennemo)
• Sirkus Eliassen Sirkus Eliassen (Erik Eliassen)
• Sumit  Bothra Sumit Bothra (Partner, ATC Management – Manager – The Boxer Rebellion, Brother & Bones, Fink, PJ Harvey, The Staves).

Moderator: Karim Fanous, Music Ally



Afternoon session: “We can twerk it out” a YouTube 101 (in three parts)

YouTube is the largest online music service on the planet and is helping to break and create a new generation of stars. In addition YouTube is providing a platform for other brands to build huge new industries, from Vevo to the Multi Channel Networks (MCNs) like Maker Studios or You Generation. New stars in music and showbiz are  launching themselves solely on YouTube. It has also changed the way we consume content and what we expect from the artists we love. This session is a YouTube 101. We’ll discuss the creative and commercial opportunities, look at viral case studies and hear straight from one breakthrough YouTuber how they did it.

Part 1) Panel:  “Here, there and everywhere” everything you need to know about doing business on YouTube

Time: 2.00 pm (Session length: 30 mins)
Location: Sal D

This panel of experts will discuss YouTube at industry level – focusing on the business end of the world’s largest music platform. How to make money on YouTube, how much you can make, and how to engage with brands to extend your audience and engage with fans. The panel will draw on the experience of those behind a viral hit sensation, as well as active managers, label insiders and developers of talent and brand connections.

• Axel Myre Hyge (Product Manager / A&R Consultant at Warner Music Norway)
• Jim Leadham Jim Leedham (Digital Operations Director at SYCO Entertainment)
• Scott Cohen Scott Cohen (co-founder of The Orchard and manager of The Raveonettes and Dum Dum Girls)

Moderator: Steve Mayall, Music Ally

This panel follows straight on to the next presentation:

Part 2) “Calling Ylvis”: Ylvis the Fox, the story and the lessons (20 mins)

Time 2:30pm (session length 20 minutes)
Location: Sal D

Ylvis The Fox was a runaway YouTube sensation. This short session will begin with a presentation from one of the people behind the viral hit, and then follow with questions about the strategy and execution behind it.

Presentation and interview with Axel Myre Hyge (Product Manager / A&R Consultant at Warner Music Norway), plus previous panelists.

3) “Baby you’re a Rex man” –  meet the YouTubers

Time: 2:50pm (session length: 30 mins)
Location: Sal D

An interview with Rex Pearson. Rex Pearson is  YouTuber, one of the new generation of musicians growing and engaging with a fanbase directly using YouTube, with over 42,000 subscribers and nearly two million video views built from scratch. He doesn’t have a label or a publisher, instead relying only on this platform for his audience and his livelihood. We find out how to work with YouTube, how to grow your audience, how engagement rather than views is key and what kinds of things work – and don’t work – on YouTube

(Interviewer: Karim Fanous, Music Ally).



Day Two: Friday 28th February

Panel: “Live and let live”  – live music in the digital age

Time: 12pm (session length: 40 mins)
Location: Sal D

Digital is slowly but surely starting to influence the key points of engagement with fans in the live music landscape; as well as help promoters, agents, managers and artists themselves reach fans in new ways and maximise their efficiency. As access takes over from ownership, as data becomes the ‘new oil’ and as artists and fans become increasingly more connected with each other, this panel will explore the impact of digital on the live music industry.


• Burt McRoy (Head of Business Development, Nordic Region at Intellitix; Booker at Debaser)
• Jules Parker (Founder of Polaroid Management, manager of Paul Aiden, 1987, YOUTH, Attu and Auction for the Promise Club)
• Scott Cohen (Co-founder of The Orchard, manager of The Raveonettes and Dum Dum Girls)

Moderator: Karim Fanous, Music Ally



Afternoon session: “Tomorrow never knows” – we hear from the future of the music business

A two-part session In association with Musikkundervisningen Norge

The next generation of artists and music consumers will have never known an analogue world without iTunes, YouTube or Spotify. Tablets and smartphones, unlimited access to the world’s music library and social sharing are nothing new to them. The way they interact with music, both from a creative point of view and as consumers will dictate how tomorrow’s music services evolve. We want to hear from them! This session will explore what they do, think and expect from music services and music companies.

1) “Yesterday …and today”

Time: 3.15pm (session length: 30 minutes)
Location: Sal D

In this panel we’ll hear from the next generation of artists, featuring Sassybeat and Iffy Orbit. Is all of the debate around streaming relevant to the new generation of artists breaking through or much ado about nothing? How does streaming fit into their way of life and how they promote themselves? Do they see music as a digital product flowing  like water or more like a vinyl record? How do they plan to support themselves and make a living writing and performing music?


• Anna Melkild & Ingrid Rennemo (Sassybeat)
•Kristoffer Severinsen & Teodor Lyngstad (Iffy Orbit)

This will flow straight onto the next panel

2) “With a little help from my friends”

Time: 3:45pm (session length: 30 mins)
Location: Sal D

In this panel we’ll hear from the next generation of music fans on how they discover, share and consume music. Is the physical market dead or has it come full circle? Do they care about downloads versus streaming? How important is YouTube and are there any new tools or services that are breaking through? How important is paying for music and supporting artists? This is the new generation of consumers that will carry the industry into the future.

Muno (Musikkundervisningen Norge), Norway’s leading private music school operator has kindly provided four of its 16/17 year old students as volunteers for this panel: Charlotte Børing, Silje Fladmoe, Erlend Bæra and Jonas Lybeck.


February 27, 2014
February 28, 2014
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