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Build your skills and knowledge of cutting edge music marketing and the wider modern music business.

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Amazon Music For Artists Pro Series

Each around 30-45 minutes in length, and available in English, with Spanish and Japanese subtitles, the series aims to support the artist community and music business professionals with better access to education to foster success on Amazon.

Packed with skills, tips, case studies, and strategies, the series covers everything needed to navigate the powerful global network of hardware, platforms and tools that Amazon provides.

Learn The Essentials Of The Music Business

Our ‘Essentials’ courses will get you up to speed quickly on key topics relevant to the music industry. These include music business focused courses on topics such as copyright, artist teams and distribution. There are also a number of courses on the ecosystems of major platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. These will help you to get to grips with the important features, cultures, demographics and purposes of these platforms. We also have our four part ‘Release Playbook’ series which covers the fundamentals of release planning and marketing, from pre-release to post-release.

TikTok Ecosystem
Streaming Ecosystem
Music Business 101: Labels, Publishers & Distributors
Music Copyright Essentials
Artist Teams
Artist Teams

Improve Your Practical Skills

Our ‘Practical’ courses will help you to improve your digital marketing strategy across major platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube. They will also equip you with the skills to build a strong direct-to-fan strategy across email marketing, websites and ecommerce. Our ‘Practical’ courses are filled with the latest and most useful tools, strategies and platform features to help you level up your marketing campaigns. We also feature examples and case studies throughout to help you see the learnings in practice and inspire your own ideas.

Short Form Video Strategies
Facebook Best Practice
Instagram Best Practice
Streaming Optimisation & Analytics
YouTube Best Practice
YouTube Analytics & Monetisation
The Release Playbook: Pre-Release Setup (Part 1)
The Release Playbook: Pre-Release Activities (Part 2)
The Release Playbook- Release Day (Part 3)
Music Marketing On A Budget
Email Marketing
E-Commerce For Music
Social Commerce
Google Ads For YouTube

Who can benefit from the Learning Hub?

  • Artists and Managers looking to understand the ins and outs of the music industry, with a particular interest in digital marketing
  • Record label teams wanting to keep abreast of the latest best practices and strategies
  • Music business students looking to gain extra skills to increase their employability before entering the job market
  • New starters and music industry hires from other industries needing onboarding and induction training
  • Those looking to transition to a career in the music industry or music marketing, and many more!

What do you get?

The Learning Hub subscription gives you access to over 30 up-to-date video courses, with topics spanning:

  • The basics of the music industry (copyright, distribution, artist teams, publishing etc.)
  • Streaming services (marketing, playlisting, analytics, profile branding, features, tools etc.)
  • Social media, content and release strategy (Short-form video strategy, TikTok best practices, Release Playbook etc.)
  • Digital advertising (Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, remarketing etc.)
  • New technologies (NFTs, Metaverse, DAOs, web3 etc.)
  • Direct-To-Fan marketing strategies (email marketing, e-commerce etc.)

In addition to this, you also get select access to Music Ally’s vast research archive in the form of additional reading free of charge. As you complete each module you will be awarded a certificate that you can add to your CV or LinkedIn.

What else do you provide?

If you are looking for something more bespoke, we also provide:

  • Live globally-accessible webinars
  • Tailored in-house workshops and masterclasses
  • Marketing specialist courses
  • Music business induction sessions
  • Mentorship
  • Course materials for Corporate HR
  • Curriculum development for music business education

Whether you have a small group or are a HR director looking for a ready made training solution for all your employees, please contact [email protected] to discuss your learning needs.

Why should I study with Music Ally?

  • We are a global leader and well respected knowledge & skills company, training the best, to be the best.
  • Our courses have been developed after many years of delivering workshops and webinars to music business professionals. During this time, we have trained everyone from students to senior executives at the major record labels.
  • With 20 years of researching and analysing the latest trends in digital music marketing and the wider music business under our belt, we’re well placed to help you identify what’s most important.
  • We are continuously evaluating the success of different marketing strategies with our clients so that you can be sure that what we cover in our training material works in a real-world context.

“There is no-one who knows Digital Marketing – and how to communicate it in an interesting fashion – better than the wonderful MusicAlly training team. Every year I make sure that they are an integral part of what I offer all third year BIMM Students. The information they offer is up-to-the-minute, and always well received.”

Phil Nelson, Head of Music Business, BIMM

“The courses Music Ally offer are second to none when it comes to clear, concise and practical information and best practices on a multitude of trending and key topics for any music marketeer. They are always ahead of the curve and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Melissa Fernie, Head of Audience Engagement, FUGA



“BPI has now used Music Ally for over three years to supply our member Training and we’ve been delighted with the results. Music Ally’s constantly updated range of subjects make sure that the BPI hundreds of Indie Labels are kept up to date with the constantly evolving digital landscape. We have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Chris Tams, Director, Independent Member Services, BPI