Music Ally Podcast

Music Ally Podcast

Music Ally’s podcast brings you an edited version of our regular Music Ally TV show panels – where industry experts discuss a vital current topic in detail – as well as our Music Ally Focus short-form podcasts where Editor Stuart Dredge analyses an important breaking news story. Together, they’ll keep you and your team on the cutting edge: essential listening to keep on top of the rapidly-changing music industry!

From January 2021 we are trying a new format ‘Music Ally Focus’: regular, short-form audio podcasts discussing individual stories from the music industry. It’s early days, but the idea is that each episode will see two of our team – journalists Joe Sparrow and Stuart Dredge initially – talk about a breaking story or important topic.

Have a listen, see what you think and if you like it – consults podcasting 101 manual* – smash that subscribe button!

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