Music Ally SI:X Finalists 2022

Music Ally SI:X Finalists 2022

Music Ally SI:X – in association with Amazon Music, FUGA, PRS For Music, The Raine Group, Reed Smith & Universal Music Group

Music Ally SI:X is a new global showcase, contest and mentorship support program for early-stage music startups. Held annually, it selects six startups in six categories, with the 36 chosen finalists to be profiled in Music Ally’s Q3 Startups Report.

The SI:X project sponsors select a winner in each category, who will be invited to present as part of the NY:LON Connect conference in London in January 2023. They will also benefit from a mentoring program from the supporting sponsors and Music Ally, alongside other business and educational resources.

We are excited to announce the finalists of the first Music Ally SI:X edition in each of the below categories:



1Music Creation & Hardware

Arpeggi Labs
Music-making and remixing meets web3 technology

Stem separation technology to find new income streams

A creative AI from India making production music

AI music including dynamic scores and game soundtracks

Playful interactive music in the metaverse

Finding a new generation of artists starts with their voice

2Marketing, Promotion & D2C

Helping fans to invest in artists… without a blockchain in sight

Democratising merch for artists wherever they are in the world

Eco-friendly print-on-demand merchandise for artists and fans

Web3 tools for community building, and rewards for the fans who sign up

A ‘one-stop music marketing shop’ driven by artists’ data

Interactive music videos that want to bring fans closer to artists

3Live, Experiential & Gaming

Livestreamed concerts, but focused on audio rather than video

Music League
Gamifying music discovery with themed song submissions

Turning artists into 3D hologams for performances in AR

Virtual artists who can perform, play games and interact with fans

Volta XR
Cutting-edge XR visuals using just a laptop and webcam

Bringing the metaverse to mobile phones with a few web3 twists

4Music Education

Big Ear Games
Teaching composition skills through accessible mobile games

Helping people of all abilities to refind their singing voices

A drumming education startup… without the physical drums!

NAL Media
A new take on mentorship matching for the creative industries

Web-based music making for all levels of artists (and students)

Masterclass-style video courses from artists and producers

5Data, Analytics & Tools

Supercharging sync strategies by measuring music in advertising

A royalty system done right for the modern music industry

AI-powered music analysis and recommendations for catalogues

Infinite Catalog
Tracking royalties of all kinds, and charging a dynamic price for it

Helping artists to manage messaging communities in existing apps

Artist tools and education for Africa’s growing music economies

6Distribution & Consumption

Bringing the music of Africa to listeners on the continent… and far beyond

A white-label platform hoping to spawn thousands of music distributors

Simplifying livestreaming with an all-in-one tool for artists


Music Health
Putting music to work in the treatment of dementia and other conditions

Music as metaverse real estate, with an ambitious web3 play

A virtual venue for live and pre-recorded concerts – and fan engagement

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