Sandbox Summit Web3 Special

Music Ally is delighted to present our Sandbox Summit Web3 Special, a one-day event, in association with CIRKAYFanaply and Global Rockstar and supported by Tuned Global. It’s a no-bullshit, hype-free event that cuts to the heart of what the possibilities are in this complicated and exciting space – designed for savvy people working in the music industry. It takes place on 28 June in London – and will also be livestreamed for attendees who can’t make it in person.

Web3 technologies, like NFTs, promise a lot, but it’s easy to feel all at sea when trying to get to grips with them. We view web3 as a thrilling, positive evolution in the music industry – one that will provide tools to build creative, exciting and liberating music businesses.

So, we’ll explore how the things that make up “web3” – NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse, and decentralised music services – can benefit artists and music companies. This event will break down what these technologies are, explain the real opportunities that they offer, and let experts give practical advice for artists, their teams and music companies.

It’s a truly hybrid event, with a mixture of presentations and panel discussions from in-person and remote speakers. Those attending in person will benefit from networking as well as food and drinks throughout the day (including a prosecco and canapes reception at the end of the day) – while online attendees will be able to access both a livestream and a recording of the event at their leisure.

Confirmed presenters include:

  • Nadir Contractor, SVP, Digital Strategy & Business Development, UMG
  • Lauren Blitzer-Wright, VP of Business Development, SME
  • Cherie Hu, Founder & Publisher, Water & Music
  • Vickie Nauman, Founder & CEO, CrossBorderWorks
  • Simon Scott, Co-Founder, CIRKAY
  • Christof Straub, CEO & Founder, Global Rockstar
  • Grant Dexter, CEO & Co-Founder, Fanaply
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Goran Andersson, Head of International, Global Rockstar
  • Anya Du Sauzay, Head of Marketing, Parlophone
  • Dan Fowler, Web3 Music Researcher
  • Kieran George, Head of NFTs and Blockchain, Soundr
  • Sophie Goosens, Partner, ReedSmith
  • Marlen Huellbrock, Head of Marketing & Audience, Music Ally
  • Alex Kane, CEO, Volta
  • Ian Matthews, Co-Founder. Amplify & Drummer, Kasabian
  • Kushal Patel, Head of Training, Music Ally
  • Roman Rappak, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Ristband & Frontman, Miro Shot
  • Con Raso, Founder & MD, Tuned Global
  • Katherine Rodgers, Community Manager, Water & Music
  • Patrick Ross, COO, Music Ally
  • Rahul Rumalla, Co-Founder, Otterspace
  • Roneil Rumberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Audius
  • Jack Spallone, Head of Crypto, HiFi Labs
  • Joe Sparrow, Editor, Music Ally
  • Tersha Wills, Co-Founder, Terrible

To view the full agenda, please click here: view agenda

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June 28, 2022 9:20 am


June 28, 2022 6:00 pm

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