Music Ally Report : Cannes you dig it? (Issue 286)

Our lead looks at the key learnings from this year's Midem and how the event reflected the wider themes in the music business which we have broken down as follows:

Music Ally Report : The Other Retail (Issue 285)

- Our lead looks at the rise of D2F sales and the importance of this uncharted territory to the retail story - Our second feature considers the recent debate around the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation - New Startups...

Music Ally Report : Oblivion (Issue 284)

In this week's report: - Our lead looks at the sudden crash of Beyond Oblivion: why did it fail and what does this mean for the music industry? - Our feature interview is with Ian Hogarth and Michelle You of Songkick,...

Music Ally Report : Shark Hunters

- Could Grooveshark be the last service to exploit the DMCA? - Digital music business trends of 2011 - New Startups and Apps: Senzari, Picotube - Market profile: Mexico - Comment: Darren Hemmings - Deals and stats

Music Ally Report : Platform power‏

In this week’s report: – Our lead asks whether the future of online music might rest in the hands of just five companies. Is Spotify about to become a ‘power platform’? – Our feature interview is...

Music Ally Report : Discovery Channels

- Nokia and Pure Digital's newly announced digital music services - Feature: live music streaming - Music recommendation - Market profile: Canada - Comment: Kim De Ruiter, Noise Inc Plus all the usual start-ups, deals...

Music Ally Report : Never Mind the Artists?

- Royalty payouts from streaming music services - Q&A with Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine - Market profile: Brazil - Comment: Nordic Copyright Bureau

Music Ally Report : The new face of music sharing

- The new face of music sharing - New Services, Startups and Apps - Live by the sword: the concert business - Market Profile: United Kingdom - Comment: Wayne Josel

Music Ally Report : Pandora’s foxed?

- Pandora's foxed? - Sheet music goes digital - Market profile: Japan - Interview: Brenden Mulligan, Onesheet - Comment: Darren Hemmings on Tomahawk

Music Ally Report : Disco 2012

- Disco 2012: disruptive music services. - iPad's competitors - Why YouTube offers clues to Google's music ambitions - Market Profile: Turkey - Comment: Will Luton, Mobile Pie

Music Ally Report : Spotify’s subs surge

- Spotify's sub surge - Live Music Apps - Retail or re-fail? - Market Profile: Germany - Comment: Keith Jopling

Music Ally Report : Is music innovation drying up?

- Has digital innovation dried up? - Live goes digital - Growing pains - Market Profile: India - Comment: Gavin Robertson