Music Ally Report : Facing up to the future of artist investment

- Money money money: future artist investment - Trendwatch: digital disputes - The game-ification of life with Tim Chang - Country profile: Ireland - Comment: Martin Rigby of Psonar

Music Ally Report : Flatline: are ad-funded streams killing MP3?

- Flatline: are ad-funded streams killing MP3? - Doing it for charidee - Live from Music 4.5 - Spain: Europe's toughest digital challenge - SoundExchange: tracking down due royalties

Music Ally Report :: App attack! Can Apple be toppled?

- App attack! Can Apple be toppled? - Mobile World Congress Focus - Digital publishing: special report - Country profile: Chile - Comment: Dilettante on user generated classical

Music Ally Report :: Where now for ad-funded music?

- On demand on trial: where next for ad-funded music - Trendwatch: fan-remix platforms - Mobile music heads for the cloud - Market profile: France - Comment: Lee Henshaw on cost per engagement ads

Music Ally Report :: Three strikes, but at what cost?

- Three Strikes, but at what cost? - Music gadgets on show at CES The US: a Spotify survival guide MidemNet Lab: 15 of the best start-ups Comment: The CD is 'frozen' says MPX4

Music Ally Report :: Video thrills the industry stars

- Video thrills the industry stars - Trendwatch: who'll get bought in 2010? - From metrics to empirical - Market profile: Norway - Brad Josling: Contextualised music

Music Ally Report: Music moves for web 2.0 giants

Our lead examines new music services from Google, Facebook and MySpace. These three companies are offering more ways for people to discover music in a legal way – i) search, ii) gifting and iii) social recommendations.

Music Ally Report: Nokia’s CWM service struggles to move beyond its niche

Our lead examines Nokia's Comes With Music unlimited download service performance from its launch to explain why it has not took off as expected.