Music Ally Report 324 – Earnings Call

Our cover feature looks at new studies that consider the impact of streaming on piracy and also the price that consumers would pay for such a legal offering.

Music Ally Report 323: Pre-Release Me

Our lead feature looks at the highly competitive and crowded world of pre-release streams. Pretty much every album today has some form of pre-release access, but putting it on the act's own website or SoundCloud will only...

Music Ally Report 322: La France Macabre

Our lead feature digs behind the shock SNEP figures that suggested the French digital music market tanked in Q1 this year. Downloads are down and streaming is struggling to take off, it claims.

Music Ally Report 321: Bundle Bungle

Our lead feature pulls back the skin of bundled deals to see if the vital organs are all working or if extensive surgery is required.

Music Ally Report 320 – Publishers: “We are through the worst now”

In our lead feature we look at why there has been a sea change in how publishers deal with new digital services. While GEMA in Germany might be castigated as holding things back, other publishers are not only increasingly...

Music Ally Report 319 – Live app to expectations

In our lead feature we look at the apps and services that are bringing incremental value to the live music business. From buying or transferring tickets to streaming shows on your smartphone, the changes that digital is bringing...

Music Ally Issue 317 – The Disruptors

We've given over all of this fortnight's Music Ally Report to the theme of disruptors.

Music Ally Report 316: Cheap Trick

In our lead feature we look at the new wave of low-price streaming services that are hoping to be more than just stepping stones for digital first-timers who then move onto the $10/£10/€10 a month streaming heavyweights

Music Ally Report 315: Going Global

Our lead feature draws on new comparative research into 13 of the biggest (in terms of market expansion) streaming music services in the world to consider where they are moving and what it means for their long term ambitions.

Music Ally Report 314: Cautious regrowth

Our lead feature looks beyond the IFPI’s global sales numbers for 2012. Revenues may have gone up for the first time since 1999 (albeit by 0.3%), but the business is not out of the woods yet. In some markets (Norway,...

Music Ally Report Issue 313: Eyes on the Surprise

Our lead feature looks at how "surprise releases" are already becoming A Thing in 2013.

Music Ally Report 312: The Hard Sell

Our lead feature asks which digital marketing tricks actually sell music. Not just raise awareness or "create a viral effect" – but identifiably trigger sales.