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Behind The Campaign :: Shinedown

Shinedown released Planet Zero, their seventh studio album, in June 2022. To build their profile in the UK, Blackstar Agency were brought in to explore ways to connect them with new audiences.

Tools :: Wavo – 2023 profile

What’s changed that warrants a Wavo Tools update? It now offers two discrete ways for music marketers to engage with the platform.

Sandbox Campaigns of the Year: 2022’s best music marketing campaigns

It’s back: and the 2022 issue of our utterly essential Campaigns of the Year report is as big as ever. With 60 highly-detailed case studies, it’s the most popular Sandbox publication for a reason: a huge,...

The Sandbox Guide to… Marketing Latin music globally

For the last Sandbox Guide of 2022, we look at how you can successfully launch Latin music in your own territories.

Tools :: Levellr

The original fan community concept – artist fan clubs – have shifted from physical mailing lists to email lists and now to online messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord. Fan communities are highly desirable at...

Campaigns :: 16 November 2022 – Taylor Swift, Amazon Christmas exclusives, Shygirl, UK Charts

A look at four innovative campaigns from Taylor Swift, Amazon, Shygirl and the UK Charts.

Tools :: Trendpop

Trendpop is a SaaS platform and a data-driven tool designed to help users strategise their TikTok presence and navigate the app’s ecosystem.

Behind The Campaign :: Joakim Berg

Swedish singer and songwriter Joakim Berg first came to prominence as lead singer of pop/rock band Kent. They split in 2016 and thereafter Berg worked behind the scenes. His solo debut, Jag Fortsätter Glömma was released...

The Sandbox guide to… Catalogue Sync

Catalogue music is having a moment: a full third of Spotify’s weekly Top Songs are now catalogue tracks, and catalogue syncs – Kate Bush, we’re looking at you – have been big news this year. Catalogue music brings...