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The Sandbox guide to… Catalogue Sync

Catalogue music is having a moment: a full third of Spotify’s weekly Top Songs are now catalogue tracks, and catalogue syncs – Kate Bush, we’re looking at you – have been big news this year. Catalogue music brings...

Behind The Single

We talk to George Simpson, Head of Dance Marketing at Warner Records UK, and Jess Spink, Audience Manager, Warner Records UK, to learn how the team managed to achieve breakout success.

Behind The Campaign :: Nova Twins

Melissa Fernie (head of audience engagement at FUGA), Peter Capstick (label manager of Marshall Records) and Rupert King (Blue Raincoat Artists, the artist management arm of Blue Raincoat Music) explain why the band signed...

Campaigns :: 19 October 2022 – Ed Sheeran, The Kinks, Erland Cooper, The Spice Girls

Campaigns :: 19 October 2022 - Ed Sheeran, The Kinks, Erland Cooper, Spice Girls.

Behind The Campaign :: Patrick Watson

The team at Secret City – Magali Ould, Sarah Labissonière and Nick Younès – explain how a catalogue track going viral on TikTok was used to bridge into a steady flow of new music...

The Sandbox Guide to… Patreon

Patreon has become a key platform for musicians of all stripes – perhaps to be expected of a company co-founded by a musician: Jack Conte, of band Pomplamoose, and who remains the company’s CEO today. Patreon has emerged...

Campaigns :: 21 September 2022 – Jagwar Twin, Lil Nas X, Andrew McMahon, Gaz Coombes

The latest interesting campaigns from Jagwar Twin, Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow, Andrew McMahon, Gaz Coombes

Behind The Campaign :: Everything Everything

Tom Prideaux and Nathan Liddle-Hulme at AWAL explain how the AI philosophy and aesthetic shaped the campaign.

Tools ::

We’ve talked a lot about how smart link services are evolving to differentiate themselves from the competition and to provide more and more useful tools for artists and their teams. It’s been a while since we last covered...

Behind The Campaign :: Knucks

Believe's Jak Ryan, Megan Freimann and Dave Grinnell talk about the campaign, from Kick Game signings and a pop-up shop to Roblox and Genius ads, and a kick-off performance with YouTube music brand Colors.

Campaigns :: 24 August 2022 – Muse, Superorganism, Kendrick Lamar, Xbox

Campaigns :: 24 August 2022 - the latest campaigns by Muse, Superorganism, Kendrick Lamar, Xbox

Tools :: Anzu

It’s not news that music teams are seeking to insert their artists into gaming environments. From music licensing or partnering with gamers, to creating bespoke in-game artist-fan experiences, there are many different ways...