Sandbox Issue Fifty-Two: Google + Creating Closer Circles With Music

Lead: Google+ creating closer circles with music? Examining the potential relationship the music industry could benefit from having with the search giant’s social network.

Sandbox issue fifty-one: Japan: a digital marketer’s overview

Welcome back to the first issue of Sandbox for 2012. Lead - Japan: a digital marketer’s overview

Sandbox – Issue 48: Getting heard on Spotify

Welcome to Sandbox – Issue 48 This fortnight: – Getting heard on Spotify: our lead looks how digital marketers can use the service to promote their artists and releases in interesting ways – Our Campaigns...

Music Ally Report : More than a geek thing

- Lead: EMI and The Echonest - Interview: Drew Larner, CEO of Rdio - Startups:, Playground Sessions and MixPixie - Market profile: Netherlands - Comment: Terry Goetz, ParkVu

Sandbox issue forty-seven: Standing out from the crowd on SEO?

SEO, search engine optimisation, Alice Cooper, Justin Bieber, Nirvana and Will Knox, The Green Children, Facebook music sales widget, Getonic - Social music tool,, Google analytics, Repudo, Kwestr

Sandbox issue forty-six: Ad nauseam?

Welcome to Sandbox - Issue 46 - Online advertising and what it means for digital music marketers. - Campaign Focus: Nirvana’s Nevermind – 20th anniversary - Tools: MusicStore for Facebook from CD Baby and ChatWithTheBand. -...

Sandbox issue forty-five: Taking a measurement on analytics

- Taking a measurement on analytics - Campaigns: Blubrain, Will.I.Am, Zynga, Bitter Ruin - Campaign Focus: Professor Green - Tools: YouTube's Playbook for video success - Feature: RockStar Motel

Sandbox issue forty-four: Turning the digital page on music magazines

- Turning the digital page on music magazines - Digital campaigns: Androp, Hatsune Miku, Kasabian, The Pierces, Ministry of Sound, Bon Jovi, Ed Sheeran and Adele - Speculations around Facebook's F8 developer conference -...

Sandbox issue forty-three: Moving into the BlackBerry season

- Disco 2012: disruptive music services. - iPad's competitors - Why YouTube offers clues to Google's music ambitions - Market Profile: Turkey - Comment: Will Luton, Mobile Pie

Sandbox issue forty-two: Will Retail be Lonely This Christmas?

- Will Retail be Lonely This Christmas? - Campaign Focus: Nero Album Preview Arcade - Tools Focus: Memolane and Ed Sheeran - Tools: a round up of handy web apps and tools - Under The Lens: Conor Maynard