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Sandbox issue fifty eight: All Ears for Facebook’s Listen Button

All Ears for Facebook’s Listen Button - Facebook artist pages now have a 'Listen' button added to their top menu bar. Sandbox speaks to digital marketers to consider the impact for streaming services, third party Facebook...

Welcome to Sandbox – Issue 57 – Justin In Time

Justin Time for the UK - Justin Bieber released his latest single Boyfriend globally on Monday 26th March except for in the UK. We consider the implications for both the artist and the label involved in this decision.

Sandbox issue 56: mobile conflict – apps vs web

Lead: Mobile conflict: apps vs. Web – We examine the need of artist apps verses mobile artist websites. Campaigns: featuring this fortnight’s activity from Fibes, Oh Fibes!, Nero, Spotify and Justin Bieber. Campaign focus:...

Sandbox issue fifty-five: Staying ahead of the Timeline

Staying ahead of the Timeline We uncover what implications the new layout on Facebook will have for artists and bands communicating with fans on the social network.

Sandbox issue fifty-three: Does Facebook really Like music?

Lead: Does Facebook really Like music? Sandbox talks with Facebook’s director of strategic partner development, Karla Geci about the social networking giant’s involvement with music.

Sandbox Issue Fifty-Two: Google + Creating Closer Circles With Music

Lead: Google+ creating closer circles with music? Examining the potential relationship the music industry could benefit from having with the search giant’s social network.

Sandbox issue fifty-one: Japan: a digital marketer’s overview

Welcome back to the first issue of Sandbox for 2012. Lead - Japan: a digital marketer’s overview

Sandbox – Issue 48: Getting heard on Spotify

Welcome to Sandbox – Issue 48 This fortnight: – Getting heard on Spotify: our lead looks how digital marketers can use the service to promote their artists and releases in interesting ways – Our Campaigns...