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The Sandbox Guide to… Marketing on a Budget 2022

Budget marketing should be a cause for celebration all round: it doesn’t matter if you have a big budget or tight purse-strings – crafty music industry marketers are always looking to make their money go that little bit...

Behind The Campaign :: Mitski

Ali Murphy and Robby Morris of Secretly Group explain how Mitski's music was developing a new life on TikTok while she was away and was reaching into whole new audiences...

Tools :: Budget marketing 2022 round-up

The June 2022 Sandbox Guide is a budget marketing special – we spoke to the experts and found out the new tools, tactics, and strategies they’re using to squeeze costs, whilst enabling high-impact campaigns. In the Guide,...

Campaigns :: 1 June 2022

A look at campaigns from the Juice WRLD estate, the Notorious BIG estate, Coldplay, and James Blake.

Behind The Campaign :: Eason Chan

Yvonne Yuen, SVP of marketing at Universal Music Group China, explains how Eason Chan's track built such momentum so quickly

Tools :: Crowdmouth

The link-in-bio marketplace has become very crowded over the last few years. This has also spawned innovation in the space – with platforms finding unique ways to add value on top of the regular ‘multiple links in...

The Sandbox Guide to… online launch events

Whether you want to sneak out snippets on TikTok, or build a virtual showcase in Roblox, this Sandbox Guide explains how to create the right event – and choose the best platform – to grab attention for your artist and...

Tools :: Cirkay

Cirkay co-founder Simon Scott has a lot of thoughts about web3 technology and how it connects with fans. “No one is going to become a fan unless they buy something” is one. “The most important thing that web3 has got...

Behind The Campaign: Rêve

Canadian singer Rêve broke through in her home country with her third single, 'CTRL + ALT + DEL’ in September 2021, and it has since been certified gold there. The team at Universal Music Canada talk through the campaign...

Behind The Campaign :: Lucy Dacus

We look at how her return with a new album was plotted out, where new emphasis was placed on her social channels, and why the album is having a longer afterlife than most.

Tools :: Subtext

While being active on the big social media platforms is part of virtually any artist’s job, it’s often other places we think of when it comes to truly nurturing fanbases. If artists want to ensure their messages reach...