Short-Form Video Masterclass: Strategy & Inspiration For TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts & Snapchat

Short-form video has exploded over the last few years, with TikTok’s current grip on music and culture being the shining example. But TikTok is not the only app that encourages users to share their creative expressions via short, vertical videos. The likes of Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Snapchat are key competitors offering similar features, with each having their own distinct audience, culture and user behaviour.

Music Ally’s ‘Short-Form Video Masterclass’ package is a hybrid training offering, combining e-learning content from the Music Ally Learning Hub followed by a live practical workshop. The masterclass will help you to understand the specifics of each of these platforms and provide practical advice on how artists and their teams can best use each platform to engage their audience. Our aim is to equip labels and managers with an understanding of how these platforms can fit into an artist’s social strategy and implement an effective growth plan, based on our in-depth research and market experience

In summary, the programme will cover:

  • Differing features, culture, audience and content style across TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Snapchat
  • Useful tools (e.g. Chartmetric, TikTok For Business, TikTok Creative Centre)
  • Examples of some our favourite short-form campaign examples in recent times
  • Developing a strategy and plan for growth (resource availability, achievable posting schedule, account strategy, content ideas, analytics etc.)
  • Creative ideas for your own campaigns

What’s included in the package?

  • 3 video courses, including certification and additional reading (TikTok Ecosystem, TikTok Best Practices, Short-Form Video)
  •  A live workshop (either virtual or in-person) covering:
    • Quick wins and optimisation around your artist’s TikTok account
    • Inspiring artist profiles and campaign examples relating to your artist
    • Useful tools and our own in-house tracking process
    • How to define an artist’s overall account strategy (including a plan for growth)

We are currently running an introductory offer for independent labels and management companies, so please get in touch with if you are interested in discussing further.