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Adele has reportedly invested in VR startup MelodyVR

British virtual-reality startup MelodyVR, which focuses on music, is reportedly (ahem) rolling in the deep funding-wise, after Adele became its latest investor.

At least, this is according to the Evening Standard newspaper, which reported that the musician invested in MelodyVR’s parent company EVR Holdings “through a nominee account so her name does not show up on the shareholder register”.

EVR Holdings is actually a public company, listed on the UK AIM index, so any artist, label or other music company can buy and sell shares in it.

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Adele tickets can only be resold on Twickets for (at most) face value

If you’ve been trying to get tickets to see Adele’s gigs at Wembley Stadium in London next June and July, the sheer weight of demand may have made it a frustrating experience. Especially if you’ve also seen tickets for those gigs pop up on secondary sites with vast markups.

Here’s some good news: there’s a high chance the people trying to flog their tickets on those sites will have them cancelled, rather than trousering a profit.

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Justin Bieber on YouTube: 2.36bn views in last three months alone

PewDieWho? Musician Justin Bieber remained the biggest channel on YouTube in January, with another startling views total.

Bieber’s Vevo videos were watched 824.3m times last month according to the chart produced for Tubefilter by analytics firm OpenSlate.

Following 866.2m views in December 2015 and 669.7m views in November, that’s 2.36bn views in the last three months alone for Bieber’s channel.