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Music Ally Report 397 – One Inflation Under a Groove

Lead: The price of a subscription service sits at a psychologically attractive $£€9.99 monthly fee and that helps hook users. The problem, however, is that this price point solidified in the early 2000s with Rhapsody and has not increased in line with inflation in 14 years. Around it other products – from loaves of bread to […]

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Music Ally Report 364 – Music’s ARPU SNAFU

Our cover feature picks apart the IFPI’s numbers for digital music revenues globally in 2014. The headline is the milestone for digital which is finally delivering the same value to the record industry as physical at the global level. But we focus on the underlying story of streaming and the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) associated with different streaming models. The ARPU across subscription streaming services is not that impressive when you take into account the free users as well as paying users but the ARPU for purely free ad-funded services – i.e. YouTube – is much lower.