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Audiam founder Jeff Price out in change made by Socan

Audiam is the streaming mechanical royalties collection agency that Canadian collecting society Socan acquired in 2016, keeping its founder Jeff Price on to lead it.

Now he has left the company abruptly, with Socan’s announcement making it clear (“Socan makes Audiam leadership change”) that it was the company’s decision rather than Price’s.

COO Jeff King will take on Price’s CEO duties, with Socan’s interim CEO Jennifer Brown promising “Audiam’s business will continue without change”.

Is this change amicable? Seems not.

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Socan promises more transparency with ‘Layla’ royalty system

Canadian PRO Socan has launched a new royalty income and tracking system for customers of its Audiam subsidiary. Called ‘Layla’ (we’re sorry for the guitar-solo earworm you’ll be enjoying all morning now) it’s aimed at publishers and self-published songwriters.

The system promises to track who’s recording their songs, where they’re being listened to and how much they’re being streamed, the royalties being generated by those streams and – a topical feature this – which recordings *aren’t* generating payouts.

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The companies Apple could buy to make its next digital music splash

Apple’s history of music-related acquisitions is familiar ground: SoundJam in 2000 to form the basis of iTunes; streaming service Lala in 2009; Beats Electronics (including its Beats Music service) in 2014, of course; and analytics tool Musicmetric’s parent company Semetric later that year.

So who next?

Music certainly isn’t the biggest driver of Apple’s business in 2015 – where songs once sold iPods, now it’s apps that sell iPhones and iPads. But music remains an important part of Apple’s cultural makeup, while its anticipated relaunch of Beats Music this summer could see music once again becoming a key selling point for its devices. And with deep reserves of cash to draw on, Apple could make acquisitions a part of that strategy.

With that in mind, here’s some speculation from us about the companies that might make for appealing targets for Apple.