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Music Ally Quarterly Report :: The State of Music Streaming – May 2022

Our spring 2022 quarterly report is for anyone who engages with music streaming platforms and wants to maximise their success on them: i.e. you, quite probably.  In this report, we take a comprehensive look at the state of music streaming platforms around the world, and analyse their strategies, differences, successes, and challenges. We’ve broken the world’s streaming platforms into […]

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Music licensing evolves in response to new tech and trends

With Covid-19 continuing to curtail gigs, festivals and awards ceremonies, the sad-but-true fact is that Britain’s showcase music event of the year has probably been the parliamentary inquiry into music streaming economics.

Despite spotlighting several white-hot music issues of the day, the inquiry has to some extent also showed some of the ways the music industry remains tied to its past: for example the debate over whether streaming a track constitutes a sale, a rental, a broadcast etc.

In music licensing, too, there has often been a sense that technology is outpacing regulation.

“When you think back, Sacem was the first licensing organisation to be set up [in 1851]… a long time ago,” says Mike Edwards, VP of music licensing and European operations at Audible Magic. “There’s a lot of legacy in music licensing… People have developed set ways of doing it, and adapting them to new uses is quite a difficult and painful task for everyone.”