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Billie Eilish wins big in Apple awards and Spotify 2019 stats

What we need, said almost nobody in the music industry, are a few more awards ceremonies. But now we have two, from the world’s biggest subscription music-streaming services.

Spotify’s first awards will take place in Mexico City next March, driven entirely by its data, but Apple Music’s first event took place overnight, chosen purely by the company’s editorial team. The simplification of Spotify as ‘algorithms’ and Apple Music as ‘humans’ is a complete fallacy, but dammit if the two services’ awards aren’t playing right in to it.

Spotify’s awards don’t even have nominees yet, but the company did (also overnight) just release its ‘Wrapped 2019’ data for the most popular artists and music on its platform this year. So what can we learn? There’s fun to be had comparing the 2019 stream-count for Billie Eilish on these fierce rivals.